Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So three months later here I am! Drafting this post in flight to London via Zurich. And I'm very excited to say that my second ever international flight, we were upgraded to business class - how cool is that?
Although feeling a bit awkward, not knowing what's what, is there some kind of business-class etiquette?

Tokyo was amazing - overall hospitality is superb, everyone is so friendly. And I'm sure they thought we were just clueless westerners! We had a few words worked out - by a few I mean probably around 4.


Arazni Aronzo shop

My first ride on a ferris wheel (apparently the world's biggest, big web)

Shibuya crossing

Shopping in Ginza

Itoya - 9 floors of stationery!

Ordering our first Japanese meal and struggling to read Japanese!

Sky line of buildings and lights - great view from Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills Skydeck.jpg

(photo taken by Simon)

Being able to navigate our way daily through the subway and train networks (well mostly Simon)

all the yummy, delicious food


Our first awkward experience of ordering at the sushi bar

The little streets, the shops and the people

ooh, maybe not so much a highlight - but pretty much ripping off my big toe nail - ouch! And my gosh, next time I need to pack much more comfortable shoes - we walked pretty much all day every day. Although what's comfortable to wear in hot hot weather?

Next stop - London. And then Paris in 3 weeks!

Can you tell I'm excited??


tjoyy said...

Hey chell remember when I took you to a Japanese restaurant and had to make you eat something!

Education said...

Hi! We haven't heard from you for a while - I hope the new job is going well. Write more about your adventures and we can read it at work!

Moiface said...

Sounds like a great trip minus the nail issue!