Monday, November 10, 2008

hello world!

It's been sometime since I've been here. What can I say, but that I'm slack??

And I'm going to blame it a little on getting my bearings in a new country, and a new stressful job... is that fair enough?

London is good, life is good.

I've just been for a quick shop down Oxford and Regent streets - I try to keep away, but there were some art shops close by that I needed to get some supplies from. And of course, sorry simon, I couldn't stay away from the clothes shops!


Christmas lights on Oxford Street, originally uploaded by Mister-E

Christmas lights are out down central London. I'll have to go back to have a better look at night - there's some real pretty ones down Regent street, that our strewn above the street like big cobwebs!

In the meantime, thanks to Fran's reminder about yummy macarons (not to be confused with macaroons which I learnt in Paris!) and having admired them so much in Paris - I finally have purchased some from Yauatcha in Soho. On Fran's blog she has a good link to making macarons - which Simon and I will have to do soon.


Waiting for Simon to get home so we can devour them together! He's been working today...on a Sunday!

I'm trying to get back into some kind of craft - just a touch. I wanted to buy a packet of pencils (so I can scribble), and found these at Muji, along with some other Christmas presents.


And also, am very inspired by this scrabble board idea, that I bought some fimo. I haven't used fimo since I was 10! So many things my mum got me into, thanks Mum! So now to tackle my own scrabble board :)


Next weekend consists of a Herbie Hancock concert at the Royal Festival Hall, and finishing our Christmas shopping and making!

It's never too early to start those Christmas carols.


Our journey said...

Oh, how nice you are back! So good to see what you are up to. We haven't done ours in ages either, should do something about that too, although our camera is broken at the mo.

Look forward to future posts chelleypops

Lynde said...

You certainly don't need any lessons in how to make the most of a day shopping on your own.

It's quite understandable why joychell has been put aside for a while. Your right you have settled into a new country and a new job remarkably well. I am very proud of you. Courageous Rashie takes on the Brits with flying colours!!

Take care, continue to enjoy yourself and don't be too shy with your project management skills at work. Be confident. You are more than qualified for the role and you have just the right amount of gentleness to soften the hearts of those over you.

God bless,

Wendyl xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rochelle,
Good to hear from you - drop us a line sometime re: your new job / life in a city with real water that falls from the sky!


tjoyy said...

Hi Chell
great to see a post - hurry up and post on what you are making
I meet a girl the other week who makes all her art work out of femo - have to dig out a link for you
keep up the posting - sure fire way to keep me jealous

Our journey said...

So what have you made with the Femo?