Monday, March 10, 2008

Bunny making

I have spent part of my Saturday and Sunday creating the cute blossom bunnies found in the Softies book (Penguin, 2007) - and these blossom bunnies have been created by Sarah Bowe. You can see some of her bunnies on flickr.

You can see my blossom bunnies on the header of my blog, and have just uploaded a pic to flickr here.

Blossom Bunnies

From this Softies book I've also made two Mad Dogs from Herzensart's pattern, and the beetle bug by Nest Studio for a new baby boy. I completely forgot to take a photo of this beetle bug, but he was extremely cute!

One of the mad dogs I made for Lili over at -- as it just looked like inky, their mascot. She posted it here and here.

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Our journey said...

he he how cute, You have been busy!