Wednesday, March 19, 2008

this is ... my creation

ok so am just a teeny bit behind on the "this is" meme post for this week!

So my creation for this weekend was the hot-cross bun recipe loobylu recommended! But they didn't look as good, as Claire's did, but they still tasted yummy all the same - and even got a great review from my new brother, Danny, who said he would give it a 9.9 out of 10! So there you go - thanks Danny :) Maybe next time I would go easy on the mixed peel though (my family aren't a big fan of that).

So here's a pic of the creation and also of my niece who munched them right up! She ate two of them!



Happy Easter everyone. My husband and I will be up in Darwin over the Easter break, spending time with guys like this!!



Claire said...

Yum! the buns look beautiful. I feel the need to make some more. Love your brown owl buddy. xx

Fatty fat fat said...

shell. I have been trying to get the croome's excited about making hot cross buns, but they appear to love the bought ones better! I can't believe it. It's so hard to sell them. And then i think if i make them, no doubt I will stuff them up and then they will definitely never make them again!
I need to find some icing sugar and add that in, it is our secret recipe! did you put that in for your last batch?

tjoyy said...

yes I had trouble eating just one - I haven't made my hot cross buns yet - we have been going crazy here cleaning and throwing out stuff Joy!

Love the pic of Hj