Monday, March 17, 2008


Is anyone else watching the four part series, Stuff, on ABC1, Tuesday nights? It started last Tuesday, hosted by Wendy Harmer. Last week was our stuff, this week my stuff, then their stuff and lastly stuffed! It's putting some thoughts and questions into what i have been questioning lately -- what is it with stuff and us wanting it? Why do we want it? Why is it so addictive? And what are the benefits? And so on and so on...

From the "Stuff" synopsis:
Stuff asks: Are we hard-wired to accumulate? At what age do we begin to identify stuff as our own? Why do we choose the stuff we do? How do we express our unique personalities through our stuff? And how does our attitude to stuff change on life's cluttered journey? The answers Wendy is given tell us that our relationship with our stuff is much more complex that we might realise... and that our conversations about over-consumption have only just begun.

My second mum enjoys watching Oprah and has been fascinated by Peter Walsh and his theory on clutter and hoarding. This show here is an extreme example of one poor lady's life of hoarding.

I've never seen anyone's stuff get so ridiculous! I like to think I am not a hoarder, but I do like to collect, I do like things, but I can also throw things out, clean up and get organised... So I think I have a balance of both worlds? (even though my husband still thinks I have a lot of stuff...)


MildlyCrafty said...

I saw that show too, it was very interesting. I looked around my living room at my "stuff" with a critical eye as I watched it. I think I'm doing OK, it can be hard to resist all the great stuff on etsy though :)

Bird Bath said...

I will have to check the show out...sounds very interesting. I'm often wondering about this topic but finding bargains at the op-shop means stuff can be too hard to resist.

Brierley & Clover said...

I saw that lady on Oprah - unbelievable! Think of what she could have bought with the money she spent on 3000 pairs of shoes???

She makes my little collections look very tame in comparison!

Fatty fat fat said...

mum just wrote a blogg about getting rid of all her hoarding! did you read that one? funny. maybe she watched the show as well. i should watch this as well. interesting!